Alloy Wheel Repairs in Carrington

Wheels looking worn? Ruining your car’s aesthetic? Give us a call! Here at Alloy Wheel Repair Manchester, we’re ready to help. There’s no better alloy repair and refurbishment provider in the whole of Carrington or Broadheath, just ask our customers! Nothing says a good job, like good reviews.

Whatever your alloys, whatever the damage, we can help. Our average refurbishment price is cheaper than our competitors and is usually completed in under 3 hours! That’s faster than any other alloy repair team!

We take our alloy refurbishment seriously, valuing your time and your alloys above all else. Our alloy repair and refurbishment business has operated in Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas for a number of years now, bringing fine service to many a happy customer. Most of our alloy wheel refurb work comes to us from repeat customers and referrals, a fact which we take pride in.

If you’re in the greater Manchester area then I’m sure you must have heard of us. Alloy Wheel Repair Manchester are the forerunners in wheel repair across the whole north west. We specialise in alloy wheel refurbishments in an area near you!

We offer monthly discount deals, a completely mobile operation and, of course, quality alloy refurbishments. Don’t just take my word for it, we have a growing number of glowing customer reviews.

Your good reviews and feedback are more important to us than any payment and that’s why our customer service is rated so highly. There’s a reason all your friends are talking about us, come get a quote today and find out why!

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