Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Gawthrope

Here at Alloy Wheel Repair Manchester, we take your alloys seriously. With a whole team of specially trained wheel care technicians at our disposal, we’re bringing premium alloy wheel refurbishments to a place near you! We’re fully mobile, fully trained and fully ready to handle any and all requests you have. If you’re looking for the best name in alloy wheel repairs, you’re looking for us!

Many garages and bodyshops turn a profit by extorting decent people just like you. We don’t do that. Our motto is a happy customer is a repeat customer. Between our monthly discounts, charitable donations, free giveaways and completely mobile service, we really aren’t just another company. As an established pillar of the community, we’re here for you.

Flaking paint? Corroded alloys? Bland calipers? No need to fret, we’re here to help. At Alloy Wheel Repair Manchester we provide a wide array of alloy repair services, branching from refurbishments and repairs, all the way up to custom paint jobs and Show wheels. Whatever you need, you need to contact us!

Did you know that we’ve operated across greater Manchester for several years now and we’ve branched out across the whole north west? We’re a growing company, eager to take on new clients, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our local spirit! We’ve worked in Gawthorpe and across Lepton for a very long time and we’ll keep working there for a longer time still! Wherever you’re located we’ll come to you in no time at all with our fully mobile service!

Nothing says good service like good reviews, come and find out why we have so many! Contact us today for a free quote and find out why the whole north west is talking about Alloy Wheel Repair Manchester!

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